Illustration for article titled These Are The Gifts Ferrari Sent DJ Afrojack After He Wrecked One Of Their Cars

You guys ever gotten presents from a car company after you wrecked one of their cars? No? Weird, me either. I guess that only happens for DJ Afrojack.


As you read here yesterday, Afrojack crashed his new Ferrari 458 Italia "in shit weather" a mere hour or two after he bought it. So what happened to him today? Ferrari sent him a gift bag full of goodies, including some expensive-looking headphones.


So let's recap how this works: Get famous, buy a Ferrari, crash said Ferrari within an hour, receive gifts from Ferrari for doing so. I don't really see the logic in that, but who am I to criticize if it works?

I guess it's also possible they sent out the gifts before the crash and it arrived afterwards. Either way, it's a win for Afrojack.

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