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These Are Indeed The Final Days: The Skylarkamino!

Illustration for article titled These Are Indeed The Final Days: The Skylarkamino!

Some of us might look at a mid-80s Buick Skylark and recognize perfection. Others, however, know that improvements are always possible. Truck bed with cover? Check! Backwards spoiler? Check! Fender skirts? Check, check and checkmate! Now I might suggest curb feelers, but that's a minor quibble. While you're at the site, check out dude's cool homemade teardrop camping trailer.


1985 Skylark-A-Mino Conversion [Sam's Teardrops]

Holy Sheebus! The Wha? Camino! [internal]

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is this really Skylark-a-mino? I see no truck bed, Infact I see a TRUNK (gasp) i think this is more like a Skylark Sport coupe... Its missing louvers in the window too...