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There's Something Beautiful About A Silver Porsche 918 In Manhattan

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A lot of people think silver is a boring color on most cars but they're wrong–they probably just haven't seen a silver car at night in Manhattan. There's something about the way a silver car absorbs the light of the city like nothing else can.

The guys over at /DRIVE have captured this perfectly with this film starring a Porsche 918 Spyder and a guy named Mike Spinelli, whoever that is. They took the 918 out for a very late night run to see if it could go the entire length of Manhattan on just electric mode

Sure, we at Jalopnik like to promote less-popular car colors but there is just something so right about a metallic silver at night, especially on a Porsche.


I remember exactly when this combination bewitched me. I was walking along the north side of Washington Square Park one evening just before sunset and across the street I spotted a silver 356. It was a 1964 356SC Cabriolet to be specific and my god was it perfect. The way the fading blue light reflected off the body stopped me dead in my tracks–I never looked at silver the same way.


/DRIVE has captured the same thing here, even if the 887 hp hybrid-electric 918 is a world away from a 356 with a 90 hp air-cooled flat four. With both cars you just see them at night, in silver and you wonder why they're even offered in any other colors.

Photo Credits: /DRIVE via YouTube