There's No Greater Joy Than Fixing A 40 HP MG Midget Just Enough To Do Burnouts

GIF via TheHoonigans

Rally driver Andrew Comrie-Picard resurrected a 40 horsepower MG Midget that the Hoonigan crew considered “British scrap” after the car hadn’t run for 30 years. While the car still had some issues, like no clutch and a hood held down with a ratchet strap, the crusty little MG still rips a fat burnout.

The 1275-cc engine produced around 60 horsepower when new, but Comrie-Picard thinks it has around 40 hp now—maybe more ever since the exhaust fell off. It took them several tries and a little help, but they got the little crapcan to nuke some tires regardless.

Needless to say, there’s a lot that was wrong with this car:


The brakes were seized, the clutch was gone, the exhaust fell off on the highway, and the hood latch wasn’t quite working, but at least it did a mondo J-turn.

Now that Comrie-Picard has broken the car again, he must fix it and return for more hoonage. That’s the rule.

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It took 6 of us to get my buddy’s ‘82 Olds Wagon to do the same “lift-assisted” burnout. 307s were sad.