There's Going to Be a Jeep Pickup Truck at the LA Auto Show

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The 2018 LA Auto Show is right around the corner. Usually this mobility-focused show doesn’t offer much of the extremely cool stuff, but it looks like we can expect some kind of pickup truck from Jeep this year. Will it be the Scrambler? Possibly!

A press release for the show, which lists a few of the cars that will be there, also notes that “a pickup truck from Jeep” will be in attendance. As there have been no other rumors of a Jeep pickup other than the Jeep Scrambler, the Wrangler pickup truck, I will assume that this is It.


Our past coverage of the Scrambler has included its impressive pulling and hauling capabilities and how it will most likely be built at the Toledo, Ohio plant. Oh, and that it could be a soft-top convertible and have a diesel engine.

For now, all of this is speculation. Guess we’ll find out in about a month.

We’ve reached out to Jeep for comment and will update if we hear back.

via The Drive