The Jeep Scrambler Pickup Will Be A Soft Top Convertible: Report

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If you were worried that Jeep was just going to re-badge a Ram or worse, a European Fiat, you don’t have anything to worry about! The latest reports from sources with DIRECT knowledge claim the new Scrambler can be optioned with a removable soft top, like a real Jeep.


The latest rumor, which is heavily backed up by some allegedly leaked CAD drawings we saw a couple of months ago, comes from Automotive News:

A source with direct knowledge of the design says the Scrambler, like the current and next-generation Wrangler, will come with an optional soft top capable of being removed or lowered, making the Scrambler a true convertible.


While engineering the JL Wrangler, which officially debuts at the Los Angeles Auto Show next week, designers had to redesign the roof supports to meet updated roof crush safety regulations, which also affect the Scrambler.

My mind now wanders off into imagining the thoughts of anyone who recently dished out the cash for one of those truck conversion kits for the previous-gen Wrangler. Either way, this is about as good as a Wrangler pickup could be. Imagine how excited the dogs will be with all this easily accessible real estate!

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