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There's A Wordle For Airport Codes Now

Use YYZ as your starting guess, I promise it's a good move

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Have you, like seemingly everyone else on the planet, logged into your favorite social media app only to find your feed overrun with tiles of black, yellow, and green? Do you want to participate in the fun that’s happening on every Facebook, Twitter, or BBS page but lack the mastery over English vocabulary to score well? Are you just really, really into planes?

If you or a loved one meets any of these criteria, you may be interested in a new take on the Wordle formula. Since an open-source version of the game appeared online, various developers have been tweaking it to create their own, more niche versions of the six-guess format. Now, with Airportle, there’s a version for air travel enthusiasts everywhere.

Guessing JFK is a lot more fun than visiting it
Guessing JFK is a lot more fun than visiting it
Photo: Johannes Eisele (Getty Images)

Airportle, as you may guess from the name, is like Wordle but for airports. Rather than every family-friendly five letter word in the English language, the game uses IATA airport codes. You know, the classic three-character names for airports that all the worldly types use to describe cities. You’re not “heading into ATL,” Brett, you’re driving to Atlanta. If you aren’t visiting the airport, it doesn’t count.


While the shorter guesses may appear easier, Airportle takes far fewer letters than Wordle before you run out your six guesses. You have fewer chances to eliminate wrong answer to whittle things down to the correct one, so the game itself becomes more of a challenge — even before you account for the fact that there are thousands of IATA codes internationally. Here’s a hint for today’s: It’s not in the Western hemisphere.

What Airportle lacks, unfortunately, is the unifying camaraderie of score comparison that Wordle provides. The core entertainment of that game is comparing your guesses with others’, seeing who did better on one day or another. Airportle, with its more niche appeal lacks that — but for communities of airport and air travel enthusiasts, it could be a hit,