There's a Badass Audi Supercar in the Upcoming Will Smith Animated Film

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I was today years old when I found out that there’s a new Will Smith animated film called Spies in Disguise coming out next year. The trailer is iffy, but at least there’s an awesome Audi supercar in it to gawk at.

Audi calls it the RSQ E-Tron, using the nomenclature for its new electric vehicle line. Indeed, its press release says the concept a “fully-battery electric model,” but, uh, you can definitely hear a gas-burning engine dubbed into the film’s trailer.

So either there’s an inconsistency here or you mean to tell me that speakers piping in noise are still a thing in the future. Sad.


As this is a fake car for an animated movie, it can pretty much do whatever Audi says it can do. In this case, it is fully autonomous, has a hologram speedometer and “special features for secret agents.” I can only assume this means missiles.

I also can’t help but laugh at the obvious and tacky branding the RSQ E-Tron has all over it—“E-Tron” written on the front bumper and the headrests at the very least.


The RSQ was also the name of the mid-engined concept Will Smith’s character drove in I, Robot from 2004, but that car was much more subtle about the branding.


I do hope that the film will also give us some other futuristic cars to look at. We can snatch a glimpse of an older-looking Vanagon lookalike, a high-sided orange SUV-thing and something with the aesthetic of a boxy, ‘80s Mercedes, all parked in an underground garage.

In addition to Smith, Spies in Disguise will star Tom Holland, Rashida Jones, Karen Gillan and DJ Khaled.