There Will Be A New Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Roadster And It's Beautiful

Screenshot via YouTube

As Aston Martin surges on into the controversial with the styling of its new DB11, Zagato has everybody else covered with a recent string of beautiful Vanquish redesigns in coupe and convertible form. And now it would seem there’s even a roadster variant.


Spotted on the Nürburgring in this video from BridgeToGantry, a previously-rumored roadster version of the Zagato Vanquish has been spotted howling around in a lovely black and bronze guise. If it’s anything like the two other variants, that’s a 582 horsepower carbon fiber masterpiece (in my opinion) running around.

Since we’ve had no official word yet on a Zagato Vanquish Roadster of any sort, one might also speculate that this could just be a very, very expensive one-off ordered by somebody who wanted to feel even more special about their special Aston Martin.

Can’t say I’m a fan of the bronze accents coupled with the seemingly maroon soft top, but I’m poor and my taste is questionable.

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