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Have you ever wished that the car-riding of today could be edgier, and just a little bit silly? Well, unless you are currently driving a Volvo XC70 Cross Country, or plan to purchase a Tesla Model S sedan, take a trip down memory lane to the heyday of jumpseat madness with these classic delightmobiles featuring rear-facing seats.


1973: Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser

Known not just for guest-starring on That '70s Show, the third generation of this family truckster also threw all caution to the wind and said, "Hey. Our first Vista tried to mix third row seating choices up a bit by facing the seats forward—but that's obviously not what people want." And so they gave into the swinging 70's demand that all three-rowed beasts have strangely oriented seating.


1977: Chevrolet Caprice

Coastguardsmen and sea captains favored the Chevy Caprice because it was the size of a boat, even after a significantly smaller model was released. It was rumored to have been Noah's choice for the seventies, considering sheer size, spacious interior and rear-facing third row for animals with a desire to stare backward.

1978: Subaru Brat

This jaunty trucklet came with a pair of rear-facing jumpseats perfect for flaunting your jaunty platform boots as you kick them in the air jauntily while riding backwards. Jauntily.


1986: Ford Taurus

A true trendsetter in the looks department (virtually every other car maker soon copied its "melted bar of soap" design), only the coolest moms rocked these. And they no doubt handed out popsicles for you kids to enjoy on the way to Q-ZAR birthday parties.


1991: Volvo 960

Although folding third-row jumpseats were available starting in the ‘70s with the Volvo 200, they really picked up with the introduction of the 900 series. Finally, the ‘90s had a way to steep itself in grunge while admiring it in some of the poshest jumpseats on the market.


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