There Must Be a Ralph Nader Joke In Here Somewhere

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I've been somewhat reluctant to post photos of this car, because I know that doing so will trigger a bunch of incoherent emails from Corvair freaks demanding that I sell them parts from "my" car.

That's the drawback with these junkyard posts; somehow, these dudes can figure out how to find my email address in a post with a photo of a car they want, yet still miss out on the junkyard thing. Here's one I got the other day, with better-than-average grammar/spelling yet still conveying no useful information:

Is your car still for sale what is best price where is it at

OK, rant over. This Corvair convertible doesn't exactly look nice, but it's no rusted-out, bullet-riddled hulk. Someone has rescued the engine and transmission, plus the lights, gauges and most of the trim, so we can assume those components will live on in another Corvair.

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Damn, I can't believe no one has grabbed that rare W-deck yet.