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The 2019 Mercedes Geländewagen, updated recently, is proof that Mercedes isn’t slowing down with G-Wagen production, even though the body’s basic design hails from the 1970s. And if these new rumors of even more upcoming variants are true, then we could soon be looking at a whole family of boxy trucks.

Which new variants, you ask? Well, from this discussion between Mercedes product chief, Dr. Gunnar Guthenke, and Auto Express, we can probably expect a Mercedes-AMG G 63 S and Maybach models.


From the story:

“We have had [G 63] 6x6, the G500 4x4 Squared and the Landaulet. Will there be more to come? Certainly. We have a small team, but all of these cars were developed very quickly,” he said. “Let’s see what comes.”

When pushed as to whether we might see a super-exclusive Maybach version of the new G-Class, Guthenke said: “We have had Maybach with Landaulet. We want to nurture this tradition.”

In addition, Guthenke seemed confident that the new car’s improved chassis could cope with more power – suggesting an AMG ‘S’ model was on the cards. “Previously, you’d never have had the steering and dynamics for an S,” he said. “I am so excited about future modifications.”

It’s true that the new 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 that now powers the new G-Wagen is easily tuned and capable of producing over 600 horsepower for AMG’s S models. You know, for those buyers who look at a standard AMG G 63 and go, “Meh.”

As for a Maybach G-Wagen? I can only imagine that it would be painted gold and weigh approximately 8,000 pounds. Anyway, any update of the Maybach Landaulet would be most welcome. You’ve seen this thing, right? We all need to live our best lives. We all need this truck.


We have reached out to Mercedes for comment and will update if we hear back.

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