There Is A Diesel Ford Focus ST Coming But Don't Call It The Focus STD

What is the allure of diesel? In the rest of the world, it's seen as an economical option that isn't necessarily the greatest. But for us, it's kind of an odd fetish, like feet or Bob Barker. And now there is going to be a diesel Ford Focus ST. We're feeling all tingly inside. But what will they name it?


According to a report from AutoExpress, Ford COO Mark Fields announced the diesel Focus ST at a dinner in Geneva. It should be a straight up Volkswagen Golf GTD rival. That means a 2.0 liter diesel engine and 182 horsepower, which is one more than the GTD.

They didn't quote a torque figure, but I'd imagine it would be considerable, like the GTD's 280 pound feet.

Not that it matters, this would make a hot hatch that is more like a freight train than a manic rev machine. Something perfect for the Autobahn or a longer journey, while it still has power to compete on the back roads. Sounds great.


What doesn't sound great is a possible name. The GTI becomes the GTD when it has diesel power. Will the Focus ST become the Focus STD? Because, y'know, an STD is a sexually transmitted disease and the jokes will be endless. Insert chlamydia reference here.

It is supposed to go on sale this summer in Europe. Hopefully Ford sends it our way shortly after. Because hot rod diesel is the best kind of diesel.


via The Truth About Cars

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