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I like to save a buck wherever I can. I like doing this so much that I cut my kitchen sponges and only use one half at a time to make the pack last longer. My kind and considerate friends say I’m “frugal,” but let’s just call it what it is: I am a cheap bastard and these car deals have me extremely interested.

CarsDirect did all of the heavy-lifting on this one, finding five deals at the time of this writing, but here are two that I thought were fun. For example, Taco Bell employees are apparently considered “suppliers” to GM, so their status can “equate to $4,385 in savings on a 2018 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport.” And with the car starting at $65,450, that’s nearly a seven-percent discount! You just have to be a Taco Bell employee.


Another one concerns the Acura NSX. This unadvertised discount apparently kicks in when you finance or lease through Acura Financial Services. Dealers then have the option of “passing along as much as $30,000 in unadvertised dealer cash to help lower the price of the nearly $160,000 car.”

Of course, CarsDirect notes that dealers aren’t obligated to do this, so maybe ask around a bit.

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