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The Zonda's In The Details

Illustration for article titled The Zondas In The Details

It's hard to grasp just how spectacular the Pagani Zonda is until you've seen one in person. They aren't automobiles, they're craft-built dream machines fantastic down to the smallest detail. Photographer Ronnie Renaldi has captured some of that magic.


More photos of the Zonda at

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Clearly the craftsmanship is there but it all looks so tacky. Those interior bits don't even match the external design of the car. All these items look like they belong on some retro-themed car.

Then again, the ultra wealthy seem to often have bad taste, like they need to be constantly reminded of how wealthy they are.

And these photos are a bit crap, poorly focused, generic lighting, no context and too busy. They don't let me appreciate the work that went into these parts.

This guy's other work is average at best, some of his other stuff is pretty bad. His claim to fame seems to be that he has access to exotic cars, probably being a personal friend of some very wealthy people. He's strikes me as one of these guys who fancies himself a world-class photographer because he went out and bought the most expensive camera he could find.