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The Yugo Was The Next Great Affordable Car

Every generation or so some smart guys came along who figured out how to make basic transportation at an affordable price. According to this vintage commercial the "smart guys" who created the Yugo would have you believe next in line after a Model T or a Volkswagen Beetle was the Yugo.


While the Yugo was admittedly basic transportation at an affordable price we'd say it lacked the other small things that made the Beetle and Model T so popular—you know minor details like a solid design, clever engineering and tested durability.

As a final insult to your intelligence in the span of this thirty second commercial the brains behind Yugo were happy to suggest that their car wasn't just the next big thing in the world of basic transportation, it was also "the road back to sanity".

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Otto-the-Croatian-'Whoops my Volvo is a sedan'

I'll just leave this here...