The Yankees Are Offering Fans An Opportunity To Win This Really Ugly Car

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If you've been watching the NBA Finals in the New York City area, you've probably seen a commercial that's been terrifying Yankee fans and non-Yankee fans alike. The ad shows various people living their various lives, surrounded by various items adorned with that familiar Yankees logo and pinstripes. Because the Yankees are nothing if not subtle. And then along comes Derek Jeter for about five seconds to say, "Everything looks better in pinstripes." The pitch is for a chance to win that heap of an eyesore you see above.

You'll almost definitely lose, but if you "win," here's a look at what you're in for:

"Grand Prize winner will be required to travel to Yankee Stadium (the "Stadium") and must be willing to participate in an on-field ceremony prior to the game scheduled to be played on July 17, 2012 at 7:05 p.m. ET at the Stadium, hereinafter, the "Game." If the Grand Prize winner is not able to attend the on-field ceremony prior to the Game, the prize will be forfeited and another winner selected, time permitting."


In other words, the Yankees require that you actually let people know that monstrosity is yours. Just look at that thing. Jeter himself wouldn't be seen riding around butt land in it.