The Yamaha XT350 Is A Weathered Former Alpha-Male

"There's just enough power here to get you into trouble, but not enough to put a reasonably intelligent person into mortal peril." At least that's what our friends at Regular Car Reviews think of the latest car they've driven bike they've ridden.

I know pitifully little about bikes, so bear with me on this one. The Yamaha XT350, according to Regular Car Reviews, is the first dual-sports motorcycle–designed for both the trails and the road. It has a dual carburetor setup which uses one carburetor for slow acceleration and the second kicks in when you give it revs, not unlike a modern twin-turbo system in a car.


This Yamaha was built in an era where things were designed to last, and even though Regular Cars thinks the design is overly complex it's remains strong today:

"If this bike were a person it would be the weathered former alpha-male who used to have a piss stream strong enough to push a two-liter bottle of soda across a table."

Couldn't have said it better myself which is mostly because I don't know anything about bikes.

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