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After two and a half years of repairs and prep, the partly sunken Costa Concordia cruise ship is now being towed for 200 nautical miles towards a scrapyard in Genoa. We have timelapse videos of the salvage operation and the live stream of a dirty ship moving very slowly.

$2 billion. That's how much it cost to get that deformed ship out of the bay of Isola del Giglio where it sank in 2012 killing 32 people.


With a more than 230 ft long sheet of steel missing from its hull, large metal boxes known as sponsons helped make her float again before towing could begin. The salvage team's technicians expect arrival to the scrapyard on Sunday depending on the weather conditions.

Let's hope they won't need to call for a "bigger boat" along the way.

You can stream some of its voyage here, but don't expect it to be as action packed as a Michael Bay movie.

Photo credit: AP Images

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