The Worst Weather To Ever Hit Motor Racing

Motor racing isn't all just blue skies and sunny days, in fact, it's quite the contrary. Here's ten examples of the worst weather to hit motor racing.

10.) 2009 Malaysian GP

I don't know how any of the drivers could concentrate with those ominous dark clouds overhead. Martin Brundle put it best when he described one of the cars as "understeering like a cross-channel ferry."


Suggested By: ThrillerWA09

9.) 1998 Belgian GP

Belgium isn't exactly what you'd call a "dry" country – it rains a lot. Combine that with one of the most fearsome circuits in the world, Spa and you get an absolute disaster. Just 8 of the 20 cars entered finished the 1998 Belgian Grand Prix.

Suggested By: Mojonaut

8.) 2011 Canadian GP

Due to a two hour rain delay this race was the longest ever in F1 history, clocking in at over four hours.


Suggested By: sm0key

7.) 2004 Indy 500

2004's Indy 500 was actually a 450 because an F2 tornado touched down just miles from the speedway, and bad thunderstorms hit the track.


Suggested By: ME 4-12

6.) 1965 12 Hours Of Sebring

I'll happily extol the virtues of GT racing cars from this period, but they certainly do not make great boats. Thanks to the pit wall at Sebring the rain at the 1965 12 hours turned the front straight into a river.


Suggested By: Arch Duke Maxyenko, SHAZAM!

5.) 1991 Australian GP

Just as the rain made the 2011 Canadian GP the longest F1 race in history, rain made the 1991 Australian GP the shortest at just 16 laps. The officials called off the race just after Ayrton Senna crossed the finish line.


Suggested By: SennaMP4

4.) 2008 MotoGP Indy

Near-hurricane conditions and 200 MPH bikes don't mix. Reader RandomGuy was at this race and can tell you why it was eventually cancelled.

"The 2008 Indianapolis MotoGP race ... rumor had it Hurricane Ike was still a Tropical Storm when it hit Indy during the race. They started the GP race and eventually stopped the insanity with 7 laps to go. There was something like 60 or 70 mph winds blowing down the front straight where the GP bikes are capable of hitting over 200 mph.

It was so windy that day it felt like the stands were going to blow down. I know it turned our ponchos inside out more than once from the updraft coming from under the bleachers!"


Suggested By: RandomGuy

3.) 2002 Honda Indy 300 Surfer's Paradise

This CART race took place at a street circuit in Australia called Surfer's Paradise – the name proved to be more apropos than anyone bargained for. Just try and watch the onboard videos without clenching.


Suggested By: 365Daytonafan

2.) 1975 Indy 500

1975's Indy 500 was red flagged at the 174th lap with Bobby Unser declared as the winner. The video, complete with Jackie Stewart's commentary, is an absolutely hilarious shit show.


Suggested By: Auto-Tunned Eli Manning

1.) 2013 Dakar

The cars that run in the Dakar are the toughest race cars in the world, bar none. When they stop running, conditions must be really bad as was the case with 2013's rally. Stage 11 was shortened by wild flash floods.


Suggested By: Dusty Ventures

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