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The Worst Pimp Job You've Ever Seen?

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We're going to let commenter JayP71 handle this one:

I was driving through my neighborhood last night and noted my landmark for a turn onto the street that crosses mine. This landmark is a early '90s Caddy. The vinyl roof is long gone. The creative owner has replaced it with black sandpaper-like friction tape. He was apparently so proud of how this came out that he carried the theme down to the trunk. In addition this car as the 'Gold' kit, performed with house paint and coarse brushes. Rusty too wide and undersized tires finish out the look of this fine machine. Which brings up the thought: What is the worst pimp out job you've seen inflicted on a helpless automobile?


Living where we've lived (all over the Eastside of Los Angeles) we've seen so many horrid pimp-misfires that nothing specific is coming to mind. However, we did know a guy who was serious about getting hydraulics for his 1984 Dodge Colt. You? And the above is the best pimp job, in case you were curious.

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I saw a mid 80's Escort with 10" Daytons that stuck out about 6" from the wheelwells. It was on hydraulics with control arms about 3' long. It looked like a jungle gym underneath. It was the worst pimp job ever because they did nothing at all to the exterior of the car. It was all dented up and the passenger door had a duct taped trashbag as a window. What was left of the paint was a burgundy color, badly oxidized on the top and sides, blistered and peeling on the roof. The interior was tan vinyl that was cracked and faded, just like the dashboard. As I rolled past on my bike the license plate fell off, because of the radio shack bass bin in the hatch, no doubt married to a Sparkomatic head unit up front.