The Worst Part Of The 2019 Acura NSX Is Its Name

By this point, I think you might have at least some inkling the new, 2019 Acura NSX is a great car. If you don’t, then here’s your newsflash. The car absolutely rips, and here are some of the things you asked us about it.

The most unfortunate thing about the NSX is its name. The name brings back powerful memories for all—of a car that was lightweight, analog, spirited and affordable. With a bit of nostalgia clouding all of our vision, this is what the name “NSX” means to us. It’s not really our fault; the original was just that good.


So, it’s also what we use to judge the new one. And yes, it is spirited and fun and fast. But it’s not affordable. It’s not that light. And it’s very much not analog. It’s an all-wheel drive hybrid with a nine-speed automatic, for crying out loud.

Outside of its namesake, though, the new NSX is near-perfection.

How do tall people fit in it? How big are those flying buttresses? And why on Earth did the designers put that over there?


To find out what I’m talking about it, check out our video!

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