Nearly every car on the road is some boring shade of white, back, or silver. Some carmakers try and break out of the norm with "fun" colors. As Jalopnik readers know, that doesn't always work out.

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There have been plenty of really terrible colors in the automotive world, and many more that, like bellbottoms, seemed fashionable at the time. But don't take this list the wrong way. We'd never want to see these colors on a car of our own, but it would be a tragedy if car companies didn't offer weird, unexpected and, yes, ugly colors.

They're a lot better than an endless sea of silver.

Photo Credit: BMW


10.) 1970s Green

We're not exactly sure what to call this pea soup of a color, but it has aged about as well as fondue parties and Cher.

Suggested By: Leadhead, Photo Credit: Felix O


9.) Pale Yellow

A nice strong killer bee yellow looks good on everything from Dodge Chargers to Lamborghinis, but the limp-wristed pale hues like Subaru offered for a while just look sad.


Suggested By: Maxximtl, Photo Credit: GT Car Lot


8.) Prius C Orange

Again, orange is a fantastic color for cars, and we love to see it on anything from old Porsches to the new Boss 302 Mustang. The new Prius C's bluish tangerine is just too weak and too flat to look good, though.


Suggested By: Alan, Photo Credit: Toyota


7.) Kia Sorento White Sand Beige

Some colors pick up the lines of a car ad make them really stand out. Kia's discontinued off-white did the exact opposite, making the whole car look flat and dull.

Suggested By: DaveLikesCars, Photo Credit: Kia


6.) 1990s Teal

This cheap, thin teal used to be on everything, especially if it came out of a Hyundai or Ford (it was called "calypso green") plant. No matter how many Power Rangers posters you have on the wall, or how many times you've thrown "I Love The ‘90s" parties, this color still sucks donkey balls.


Suggested By: Dr_Watson, Photo Credit: KING5 News


5.) Euro Lime Green Metallic

We Americans largely skipped out on the metallic pale green that splooshed all over Europe in the ‘90s and ‘00s. Mercedes in particular loved this color, which has aged about as well as Trapper-Keeper notebooks.

Suggested By: ScorpioGTX1, Photo Credit: Mercedes


4.) Mary Kay Pink

Maybe it's because we see this color almost exclusively on bloated front-wheel-drive Cadillacs in South Beach (like the one above), but man is Mary Kay pink a bad color. Pink can be fun and bold (think big 1950s cruisers), but Mary Kay's giveaway metallic always looks weak and sad.


Suggested By: Stig-a-saw-us wrecks, Photo Credit: Phillip Pessar


3.) Baby Puke Yellow

The beloved E46 M3 (and apparently this BMW M Coupe) came in this fantastic shade of expelled gastric content called "phoenix yellow." Amazingly, there are dedicated phoenix yellow enthusiasts.

Suggested By: Gamecat235, Photo Credit: BMW Car Club GB & Ireland


2.) Morning Piss Gold

PT cruisers and Toyota Yarises were done up in this metallic bronze for a few years, again looking every bit like some form of human waste.


Suggested By: KillerBee, Photo Credit: MïK Watson


1.) Beige

Most bad colors are at least distinctive and in some way interesting. The champagne beige that you find on cars like the Camry is so unbelievably boring, so oppressively inoffensive that we can't stand to see it on another car.

Suggested By: PTLmarketingltd, Photo Credit: Scott Jungling