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Porsche 912

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It's been way too long since the last DOTS Porsche 912, and I must admit I'd been sitting on these photos until I could find some clue to tell me the year of the car... which has proved to be beyond my abilities. Those damn Germans and their reluctance to make yearly design changes for the sake of change! The yellow-on-black license plate is from '68 or '69, which tells us virtually nothing- the car may be a '65 with later plates or a '69 with the only plates it's ever had. The car is in a very wealthy neighborhood (i.e., the kind of place where super-paranoid vigilantes concerned neighbors call the cops when they see some scurvy-looking dude like me sniffing around a car), so I won't be searching for VIN tags or photographing heater-control knobs. So, obsessed devoted Porsche zealots aficionados, please let us know what we've got here. I know you can do it!


This 912 is in great shape, it lives on the street, and it drives regularly.


If I had one of these, I'd drop the 911's six in it and keep the 912 emblems (saving the original 356 engine in the garage, for when it came time to sell it at a vast profit to a date-code-focused Porsche hoarder collector).

This is exactly the kind of car I like best for this series; it's in good original shape, not a maniacal restoration, and it still sees plenty of driving use. Well, actually, I love the beaters too... oh, never mind- I love them all!

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