What’s The Worst Color Ever Offered On A Car?

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A beautiful car should be able to rock any color. But there are some offenders out there that will make almost anything homely.

Color influences all of our purchase decisions. If your sushi is a nuclear green, you're probably going to avoid eating it. Generally people don't wear hot pink dress shirts to the first day of work. And hopefully you're not one to ruin a Lamborghini by covering it in chrome.

Here at Jalopnik, we have a soft spot for Volvos (even if they sometimes frustrate us). They're safe, solid, a little offbeat, and occasionally do something insane like take a station wagon racing. But no number of racing bricks can make their "Vibrant Copper" ok. It doesn't pass for the newly in vogue browns (their "Terra Bronze" does that) and isn't audacious enough to be a full on orange. It's just gross enough to make the launch of the S60 a less-than-tasteful affair, and just normal enough to be no fun at all. To top it all off they paired it with otherwise cool off-orange seats in the launch cars.


Zerin Dube of Speed:Sport:Life calls it the "Jersey Shore edition."

Is Volvo's "Vibrant Copper" the worst color ever offered, or is there something even more disgusting out there? Let us know in the comments below.


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