Yesterday we shared some good ideas for quirky gifts that any gearhead would enjoy. Today we explore the other end of the spectrum: The most preposterous automotive gifts in the world.


All automakers squeeze some extra cabbage by throwing their brands on licensed merchanidse, but several think their logos can perform alchemy with polyester and aluminum. We can only imagine who buys these things: Car dealers who forget their anniversaries, brand-obsessed Eurotrash trust funders, people filling in the wedding registry of a Kardashian. And several offer an answer to the question: "What if the ExtenZe doesn't work?"

I'd like to tell you that such things are rare, and that there isn't a whole world of Bentley watch safes and Swarovski-studded Mercedes key fobs. Like the power boost that comes from the customizing aisle at Pep Boys, these trinkets slap a chrome turbo badge on class.

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