The World's Fastest Sedan Is This 260 MPH 1992 Audi

(Last year, Jeff Gerner ran a 1992 Audi S4 to a top speed of 242 MPH at the Bonneville Salt Flats. He went back this year to go faster. Our friends from QuattroWorld and eGarage were there and saw the whole thing. - T.O.)


We recently travelled to the Bonneville Salt Flats outside of Salt Lake City along with our friends from eGarage to document Jeff Gerner's attempt at breaking the world record. He gave it a great effort last year, but came up short on his back up attempt. This year he showed up to the Salt Flats with a renewed excitement and nearly 1100 all wheel horsepower to give it another try.

For those that don't know much about Bonneville, it one of the largest and flattest naturally made surfaces on the earth. It has become a place of folklore and automotive fairy tales that has seen some amazing feats over the years. Many people have perished in their pursuit of speed here. That is why many call it "hallowed ground". Visiting Bonneville has become a standard item on the bucket list for most car enthusiasts. If you haven't seen the movie highlight the cult of speed at Bonneville, "The World's Fastest Indian," I highly recommend it.

Jeff Gerner is a special person. He is the owner of Four Rings Performance in Missouri, and he and his shop built this amazing Audi. He is the type of individual that makes Bonneville what it is, an almost spiritual place. People from all walks of life, and all automotive passions converge on an otherwise desolate salt covered desert to pursue a shared love of speed.

This video documentary shares the story of Jeff Gerner and his quest to have the world's fastest sedan. Did he pick a new M5? Or a Porsche Panamera? No, he picked a 20 year old Audi S4. Not just any S4, it is a "ur S4" which has the highly venomous 5cylinder turbo which he has highly modified to have nearly 1100 all wheel horsepower. The best part of this car is that Jeff built it himself. His story is the epitome of the pursuit of speed. We hope you enjoy it.

This story originally appeared on QuattroWorld on October 9, 2012, and was republished with permission.


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