[The workers of Willets Point, the post-apocalyptic-looking neighborhood of auto repair shops in Queens, NY, faces a deadline today to move out or be forced out. The businesses of the 62-acre area are fighting back in the courts. Photo credit Michael Ballaban.]


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Have Jeep, will travel.

Great picture.

Reading the article and looking at the pictures, what I get out of it is this. It seems that the city is basically trying to shutter, and bulldoze what amounts to an isolated pocket of a third world country that is basically a swap meet for stolen car parts and unscrupulous shops that operate outside of any sort of regulation. Look at the place. What are you going to do? Repave the streets? Force the people who have no money, or desire to bring their buildings up to code for safety and environmental reasons? Nope. Throw money at it to put lipstick on a pig only to be right back where they are now in a few years? Nope. Only thing they can do it plow it all over.

Oh and in before the liberals start crying "These poor undocumented workers are just trying to feed their families of eight, The bureaucrats and elected officials are in bed with the rich, won't somebody PLEASE think of the children!"