The Woodward Dream Cruise Is Just One Month Away, Let's "Bus" A Move

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We're now around one month away from the 2007 Woodward Dream Cruise, the biggest single-day classic car event in the world, and already the Detroit daily newspapers are slapping down the walk-down-memory-lane pieces. First up is the Detroit News today who urge you to get on the Woodward bus with a nice long piece on people making their livelihood off of the big, wide Avenue running down the center of the metro Detroit area. It's nice they've centered their story on a bus driver, but man, we're totally hoping this isn't the most developing part of the area's economic development. But oh, look, they've got a cutesy little animated graphic at the top of the piece. We're so proud of them. We'll of course be covering the entire cruise, live-blogging our way through the one-day cruise on Saturday, August 18th. You can follow along at our tag or the RSS feed. [Detroit News]


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