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Newbies to suburban Detroit's famous Woodward Dream Cruise may think the world's largest single day car event exists only within its officially-sanctioned 24-hour boundaries. Veterans know it's a week-long event and the best cruising days are happening now.


Officially, the Woodward Dream Cruise only exists between the hours of 12:00 AM Saturday morning and 12:00 AM Sunday morning. That's ridiculous of course because the cops shut down Woodward after 10 PM and patrol it for tomfoolery like a drill sergeant with a dirty toilet. Not only that, but the actual cruise day is so packed with cars and people you can't really cruise.

That's why the natives actually start cruising the week before. After work, you toss on a pair of shorts and sunglasses and hit the strip to see a ton of cars out. Everyone's having a good time chatting owners up, lot owners aren't forcing you to pay for parking spots, and you can actually drive your car at speeds above overheat. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are sort of the more fun, less commercialized days of the Dream Cruise, and we were out there last night — and we'll be out there again tonight to enjoy the show. Enjoy it with us virtually via our gallery above.

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