The Williams Engineering Facility Has The Best Front Desk Ever

Yep, they have a Jaguar C-X75 at the front desk. You know, the supercar we all wanted to happen. And there's more.

British Prime Minister David Cameron just opened the new Williams Advanced Engineering facility on the same site as the Formula One team, thus starting a new era in which Williams can focus more on becoming an engineering powerhouse using their Formula-1 experience.


The new research and development facility cost them $14 million to build and will employ up to 250 engineers on 3,800 sq.

The facility also features a number of confidential rooms where projects can be worked on in complete secrecy.

So far, Williams Advanced Engineering has worked with Jaguar on the C-X75 hybrid, Nissan on its Nismo cars and is the sole battery supplier in Formula E. Since they developed their hybrid technology for F1 completely in-house back in 2009, Williams is also expanding its operations into the energy sector and is currently working on a project to install Formula One-derived flywheel energy storage technology on energy grids in the Scottish highlands.


That's all very clever, but in the meantime, I wish to take on of their Jaguar C-X75s to the Scottish highlands myself...


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