The Wildest, Weirdest, Home-Made Custom Vehicles

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Many of you good readers have brought this 1998 Honda Accord to our attention today. With good reason— it's re-goshdarn-diculous. Who builds these wacky home-brewed, zombie-cars? Why? And what are some of the greatest ones you've ever seen?


I don't think it's that hard to see the line between "modifications" and "supervillian-level maniac conversion." For this Accord, it was all fun and games with the towing mirrors and bozoku exhaust, and some real money started getting spent on those light bars, but I'm pretty sure the extra set of rear wheels put it over the edge.

Hat tip to Nibby,, and everybody else who caught this crazy Accord...

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#end thread

according to sources its real, and it travels in Morocco and is owned by a diplomat