The Weakest Truck In This Diesel Throwdown Has 1190 LB-FT Of Torque

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You may have heard diesel pickups can put down gargantuan power with pretty basic modifications. With fully built engines and watermelon-sized turbos, some these babies are hitting over 2,000 Lb-Ft. Watch ‘em race and squeeze through obstacle courses towing construction equipment!


Every year TEN’s Diesel Power hosts a battle of their favorite modified oil-burning pickups and throws them all through a gauntlet of challenges including a dyno run, afore mentioned obstacle course, a trailer-towing challenge, a straight-up drag race and of course the grand finale; sled pull.

It’s an epic event they break into five days of fumes, but it’s just wrapped up so you can check out each challenge right here.

The dyno:

The trailer tow obstacle course:

The one-eighth mile trailer tow:

The quarter-mile drag race:

And of course the sled pull:

I hope somebody cracks open a Cummins powered Titan for next year, it’d be cool to see what that truck can do with the engine tuned up to its full potential.

In the meantime, sit back and be amazed at what these Duramax, Power Stroke, and Cummins-powered monsters are capable of.


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Garrett Davis

BRZ: “ What is this word I keep hearing?”

FR-S: “It’s some bullshit people keep talkin’ about, don’t even sweat it, bro.”

BRZ: “Oh ok, cool. I mean like, what’s torque matter when you can rev like BRAAAAAAAAAP BRAAAAP BRAAP!!! Amiright?”

FR-S: “Totally, bro. Most totes’ing definitely. Cheeeya.”

BRZ: “Wanna go park in front of PepBoys next to each other and bro-out?”

FR-S: “I thought you’d never ask.”

S2000: “Hey guys can I come?”

Toyobaru Twins: “Ugh, fine. Let’s go.”

S2000: “Yussss, one of the cool guys still.”

RX8: “Did somebody say PepBoys? Do they carry apex seals?”