The Volvo XC40 Is Getting an All-Electric Version This Year: Report

The XC40 T5 plug-in hybrid pictured.
The XC40 T5 plug-in hybrid pictured.
Photo: Volvo

The Volvo XC40, a stylish and handsome car with a magical and fantastic interior, will get a fully electric version before the year is out. I have absolutely no objections to this.

At a Volvo safety event in Gothenburg, Sweden, last week Automotive News Europe learned that the company will reveal a full-electric version of its compact crossover before the end of 2019, though additional details were not provided.

From the story:

The XC40 will be the first battery-driven model from the Swedish brand and the second full-electric vehicle from the Volvo Car Group. The first was the Polestar 2, which the group’s electrified performance brand debuted in February and revealed to the public at the Geneva auto show this month.

Both full-electric vehicles will be on the road by 2020.

Both the XC40 and the Polestar 2 use the small-car Compact Modular Architecture that Volvo developed with Geely. We first saw the CMA platform in 2016; a very versatile platform that could support a battery-powered electric car. And along with the platform, we also saw the 40.1 and 40.2 concept cars. The 40.1 ultimately became the XC40.


Rumors from the beginning of 2018 said that Volvo’s first electric car would be a hatchback and then followed by an electrified XC40, but now it seems like the XC40 is coming first. Volvo appears to be going the Audi route, which is shipping an electrified SUV/crossover first before any other body styles.

Volvo has claimed that it wants to sell a million electrified cars, globally, by 2025. This is likely the first step towards that goal.

We have reached out to Volvo for comment and will update if we hear back.

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I’m basically waiting for a non-Tesla manufacturer to make a decent AWD EV. I’d almost definitely consider an XC40 if it were available soonish.  I’d prefer a Bollinger or even a Rivian, but I have my doubts about seeing one for sale until the mid 2020s. I have excess solar capacity just waiting to charge up a car, and I live in a place where AWD is crucial, if not, mandatory for part of the year.