The Volkswagen Tristar Is A Luxurious Double Cab Off-Roader

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With permanent all-wheel drive, a mechanical rear axle differential lock, 331 foot-pounds of torque and even an espresso machine onboard, this might just be the best Transporter yet.

Volkswagen built the Tristar Concept for this year's IAA in Hamburg, and while a T5 with a double cab is not something that would shock the audience, this is closer to being a luxurious Unimog with a VW badge than a regular workhorse.


It's powered by a 2.0 TDI producing 204 horsepower and 331 foot of torque, linked to a seven-speed DSG with permanent all-wheel drive (celebrating the VW Syncro's 30th anniversary.) It also has a mechanical locking differential at the rear, deep-tread tires and a body raised by 1.2 inches to make it capable off-road. There's also a dust-proof and watertight drawer under the flatbed section.

The interior is more about comfort than muddy boots with a 20-inch tablet table, video conferencing with surround sound and leather seats which turn and slide. Oh, and an espresso machine.

I would put a deckchair on that flatbed enjoying my double macchiato outdoors.


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