The Very Last Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Has Been Built

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Dodge said that it would only build 3,300 2018 Challenger SRT Demons (3,000 for the U.S. and 300 for Canada) and video captured the last one just rolling off the line yesterday at the automaker’s Brampton, Ontario plant. This marks the end of an admittedly short era.

The car will be auctioned at the Barrett-Jackson Northeast Auction, which will take place from June 20 to 23. And to mark its special last-car status, it’ll be hand-painted Viper Red and have a unique VIN instrument panel badging.

The Dodge Demon was officially unveiled in April of 2017. Dealers took orders. Dealers marked them the hell up. People got them up to insane top speeds. It was a fun ride, to say the least. And it looks like it’s coming to an end.


Oh, I don’t mean to say that this is the end of all Demon content. No way. By now, the car is an unapologetic meme and we’ll all keep talking about it until we’re dead. It’s one of FCA’s most notable contributions to modern car culture, after all.

I just mean that there’ll be no more new Demons after today. You can probably still expect super high markups, though.