The Vehicle That Signaled the Dawning of the Age is an Aquarius: The Benz Tri-Car Turns 120 Today

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We don't know if there's really one day that can truly be celebrated as the birth of the commercial automobile, but it figures that today, January 29th which marks the 120th anniversary of Karl Benz's patent on his three-wheeled motoring machine is as good as any. So happy birthday, automobile. You've brought us more joy than grief, and well, you gave us a damn career. Without you, we'd be writing, uh, we don't know, Kotaku or something. [Thanks to zeroSignal for the heads-up.]


Karl Benz [Wikipedia]

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Jérôme de Sad

Yeah but what I think he really meant is that America is the country that turned automobiles into a consumer good with the Ford Model T!!!!