The V8 Pintochero Will Haunt Your Dreams

Have you ever wanted a Pinto, but felt like they might be too safe? Too slow? Too unable to fill the back up with the most glorious redneck hot tub ever? Well, have I found the car for you!

This, dear Pinto fans, is your dream car. Instead of the usual inline-four, it features a small block Chevy V8, good for a whole lot of power in that teeny tiny Pinto body.


The Pinto, for better or for worse, developed an unfortunate reputation for catching on fire due to the design of its fuel neck. Given that the last thing I watched featuring a small block Chevy engine swap was a poor Miata going up in flames, I can only theorize that the imaginary fire risk in this baby has doubled, and thus, its radness level has octupled accordingly.

Okay, maybe not — homebrew SBC conversions usually break more often than they set themselves on fire. I really just needed an excuse to declare this vehicle the most awesome thing I've seen all week.


Besides, its "Feul" seems completely harmless. Some people doubt the original fiery accusations of the Pinto's design anyway.

I have no idea who the builder is, but the car is covered in racing stickers, so it seems legit.


Perhaps the single biggest flaw of this most Jalop-worthy vehicle was the lack of a factory ute option.


Ford gave us a Cruising Wagon that looked much like an A-Team era panel van, complete with an optional bubble window. They also gave us a Pinto Squire to satisfy our insatiable need for fake woodie wagons.

But no—there was never a factory Pinto Ranchero. Today, this great injustice to the Jalop universe has been solved by a random Craigslist seller in California.


Thank you, righteous dude.

Thank you for making the world a kookier place. Oh, and for painting it brown, too.


Craigslist here; full ad is here if it disappears.

(H/T Rockford Brodie on the ChumpCar forums)

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