The V6 Fiero Promises What It Probably Can't Deliver

"Wanna see something REALLY exciting?" Why yes, yes I do, John Stamos-looking dude.

And with that, we burst out of a garage and fly into the air in the Pontiac Fiero GT. I'm guessing this ad comes from 1985, because that was the first year Pontiac's mid-engine marvel came with the 2.8-liter V6 engine advertised here. (The V6 adds a great deal more "authority" to the car, you see.) The ad also gives us plenty of what 1980s car buyers really wanted: lasers.


I have to wonder what happened to the particular Fiero in this video. Did it end up in some kind of GM museum? Is it sitting in a junkyard somewhere? Maybe it was the recipient of an unfortunate and unconvincing Faux-rrari bodykit. The possibilities really are endless.

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