In markets that aren't the USA, Ford offers the Fusion (aka Mondeo) with the 1.5 liter turbocharged three cylinder engine. That might be about to change. Maybe. Possibly. Allegedly.

According to a post on the Blue Oval Forums, one user has the order guide for the 2014 Fusion in front of him. And instead of keeping the wealth to himself, he's spreading gospel or rampant lies to the Ford faithful.

There are some new colors and other features (cooled seats!), but the one that piqued our interest was "1.5L 3-Cylinder Engine with 6 speed Select Shift automatic - late availability."

Could this be true? Could we have a midsize sedan with a buzzy little three banger? It's possible. And, remember, this was posted on an internet forum. Every single thing posted on internet forums are facts. That's actually written in the terms of service that I know all of you read before posting.

So, take this with a grain of salt, but a three-cylinder Fusion could be heading our way in the next 12 months. Or not. Or maybe.


Who really knows? Well, Ford might know, and I sent them an email so they can reply and say "we don't comment on future product."