The Unlicensed Chinese Bugatti Veyron Phone: Dial "M" For Molsheim

The sales pitch for this thing is priceless: "Looks like a model car? It is in fact a fashionable car-shape mobile phone. FM radio let you keep pace with the nowadays events." Ooh! You don't say!


But wait! That's not all! For the low, low price of €145, you can also:

...shake to change music/pictures/wallpaper of this phone, which will take you to fashionable experience. There are still comes with QQ, Bluetooth, Games, video player/recorder and E-book and so on. Bluetooth earphone can only support the master SIM card calls but not the slave SIM card calls.

Incidentally, according to, people who bought this phone also bought the Porsche Car Style Cell Phone With Camera and TF Card (it looks like an alien sex toy with some chrome tape on it) and the not-trademark-infringing-at-all Car Shape Cell Phone Dual SIM Standby. These people are doubtlessly fashionable and keeping up with the nowadays events. Would that we could say the same.


[UCables via Auto Motto]

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