The Ultimate Shelby Concept Sale Is What American Dreams Are Made Of

Shelby American just moved. And they're doing what all of us do when we move: getting rid of a bunch of stuff they don't need anymore. But instead of dumping crappy old IKEA furniture they bought in college, they're selling off some of their best concept cars and prototypes.

The venerable company just moved to a new headquarters on the Las Vegas strip, and they're taking the opportunity to clean out their closets a bit. Eleven of their most notable cars are about to be up for grabs. You can see the full list on this .PDF.

The Shelby vehicles found in this exclusive offering are a representative sample of some of the most significant cars that we have built. We would rather see them put into homes and collections where they will be used and cherished rather than sitting in our warehouse. Carroll's favorite car was always "the next one" so to make room in our garage for "the next ones" we are offering you the opportunity to score a real barn find right in front of your eyes.


I'm not sure I'd qualify this as a barn find, but it's a legitimately great collection of cars. They have a 2007 Shelby GT prototype, the 2010 Shelby Super Snake Concept, the 2011 GTS concept, the 2013 GT350 prototype, the 2013 Shelby Raptor Concept, and the somewhat disappointing but still cool Shelby Ford Focus ST Concept.

The cars are going for anywhere from $50,000 to $200,000. Shelby's loss is about to be your gain, or at least, they're about to give you a list of cars to dream about when you go to sleep tonight. Use the contact info at the bottom of that .PDF if you're interested in buying.


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