So you took one look at those Detroit Autorama custom vans and you're ready to assemble a snazzed-up 60s Econoline, A100, or Sportvan, complete with Aztec/UFO/Knights airbrush mural. But don't forget the CB, good buddy!

You know your van's CB must be the old-school 23-channel type, but what kind of oaf starts barking into a handheld microphone, like a cabbie calling the office for a fare, when he wants to announce his special Channel-22-only sale on lids of Acapulco Gold? Uncool! No, you want to bypass those 70s radios completely and outfit your 60s custom van with a CB that sports a telephone handset! This Johnson Messenger CB Radio Telephone- which is sitting at a $16.49 top bid price right now- fits the bill perfectly. Note the Ma Bell-grade mustard-yellow coloring, which should complement your diamond-tucked velour interior just so.