The Truthiness About Cool Cars Under $18K

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When we think cool — we think Kelley Blue Book. Actually — we think Steve McQueen in a Mustang with a go-go dancer riding his shotgun, then Kelley Blue Book. Still, Kelley Blue Book's so cool, it's now an arbiter of cool — with a list of the top ten coolest new cars under $18,000. And speaking of cool, our very own Robert Farago recently interviewed KBB's Executive Editor Jack Nerad. Head on over and hear these two mavens of coolness discuss what makes a car cool. Glad to know somebody like Farago's helping to discern what's cool — because when you own a Honda Odyssey, cool permeates your very soul.

KBB: The Coolest Cars under $18k [The Truth About Cars]

How to Find Your Dream Car, Courtesy of MTV's "Fast Inc." [internal]

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