The Truth About The New Subaru WRX

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At The Truth About The UAW Strike Cars, Brendan McAleer has driven and reviewed the all-new (except for the engine and drive train) WRX. His verdict? A resounding, middle of the road, meh. On the plus side, Mista McAleer gets a kick out of the 226 lb-ft of torque that is now available 1,000 rpm lower down in the rev-range. On the negative, an idiot light connected to the traction control kept blinking at him. Traction control? On a WRX? Is nothing sacred? Luckily el nanny's a $1,500 option. His overall impression is that for every improvement Subaru made to the '08 WRX, they made an equal but opposite disprovement. Not only is the Scoobie awarded 3 out of 5 stars, but it is referred to as a "punt." Better than a fumble, I guess, but who'd have ever thought we'd see a middling WRX? Sigh, sigh, sigh. Also, despite what TTAC says, we still find the 4-door to be freakishly ugly. [The Truth About Cars]

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@grzydj: Makes me glad I'm not an automotive journalist (yet) sometimes. I hate Car and Interior Designer for that, especially how they consider it such a huge glaring fault on my beloved Legacy. Then again, I'm not an automotive journalist and I don't have a wife and kids and a boss to impress, so I like my cars to be rough around the edges.

Hell, see ElChupacabura's comment right above yours.