The Truth About the GM Death Watch: Whistling Past the Graveyard

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GM began the launch phase of its new-generation large SUVs this week with the 2007 Tahoe, whose one-mile-per-gallon improvement over its predecessor is being touted as a marketable benefit. To be fair, the trucks' displacement-on-demand system will offer interstate right-lane huggers a slice of relief, though boat pullers and suburban localists will still need a fully charged gas card to keep the horses running. Still, GM's playing of the mileage card is precious, considering the escalating price of fuel is is destined to turn large SUVs into the avocado-colored kitchen appliances of tomorrow. Some journalists have been speculating on whether the SUVs, which had provided up to 75% of the company's profits in the past, will indeed save GM's hide, as the company is betting. Others aren't asking, they're telling.

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