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We admit we were kind of perplexed when we read AutoWeek's "interview" with GM vice chair Bob Lutz โ€” which read more like a whiskey-soaked "I love you man" than a hard-nosed debate. Giving AW the benefit of the doubt, maybe the interviewer was using the "give him enough rope" technique to draw an insane rant from Mr. Lutz. (Oh, look, it's been taken down. Wa happen?). Bless his heart โ€” and shame on GM's PR folks โ€” he should never again be in the position of having to ad-lib during a corporate crisis. We actually laughed out loud at Robert Farago's latest Lutz-filled GM Death Watch, in which he parses the craziness with the fine-tuned, verbal equivalent of a crab fork on a five-pound dungoness. [Update: Oh, look, Google seems to have cached AutoWeek's Lutz interview. Well!]

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