The Truth About Roundups: This Week on TTAC

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William C. Montgomery started the week scanning the skies, wondering how Santa gets away with driving an unsafe and environmentally unfriendly vehicle. Matthew Neundorf then wrote that Toyota's imminent rise to the Number Two slot will warn Joe Q. Public that Ford is in deep, um, distress. Robert Farago confronted his ambivalence about the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, then worked-out his frustration by calling GM Car Czar Bob Lutz an idiot. Jonny Lieberman badge engineered his Jeep Wrangler Rubicon review. And Brendan McAleer ended the week with a slightly less effusive look at the new Nissan Altima. Farago hints that the Impala SS may not fare quite so well next week.

[The TTAC Roundup appears each Friday]

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Can i keep going on how bad farago's writing is:

"The Cayenne has dumped enough cash into the German automaker's corporate coffers to finance family plans to re-conquer VW and, thus, the world. But even if you set aside the SUV's corrosive effect on the Porsche brand"

so, its given porche lots of sales, but has been bad for their brand? porche is not an indie rock band you ignorant slut, it's a freakin' car maker. so all that money they get to spend on new models is really gonna hurt them down the road, when what? people stop buying 911s because they make an SUV? An SUVs aren't what the kool kids buy?

guy's got alot of gall calling bob lutz an idiot.