It’s not like seeing random Bugattis in Geneva even before hitting the show is new to me, but a Bugatti EB110 in traffic? Just like that? I mean, we’ve seen some neat contraptions, but this beats everything.

It’s funny, because the next day at the show, many of the journalists I met were talking about seeing this car in the city. We were surrounded by the latest of the greatest, yet all that mattered was seeing a twenty-years-old Bugatti in its natural habitat.

Other things I learnt long before I could have a proper look around the show itself?

The Corvette C7 is wider than the average European parking spot. Than again, the same can be said about a Lamborghini Huracan, and if anybody, the Italians should remember how tight streets can get around the old continent.


Once reaching the Geneva Motor Show, the biggest surprise wasn’t Bugatti’s latest or Abarth’s crazy rally car. Mostly because those haven’t been revealed yet.


The greatest surprise was provided by Mazda, who finally blessed us with a show car that wasn’t painted Soul Red.

You see, Soul Red is by far Mazda’s best (optional) color, and they are very well aware of that. That why every Mazda stand ends up looking like this year after year:


But hang on a minute! What’s that, in the back? Enhance.





Photo credit: Máté Petrány


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