The Trailer For The Crew Is Gorgeous, But Is The Game Any Good?

I've been burned by racing video games before. They look so beautiful in their trailers, but then fail to deliver on their promises. Like the PS4's Driveclub, which I liked initially and then completely lost interest in after I turned in my review. Maybe The Crew will be different.

The game dropped for PS4, Xbox One and PC today, and so far what I like best is the trailer. It's pretty heavy on computer effects and light on actual gameplay, but damn, is it cool to watch.


A 2015 Mustang GT gets formed out of sand in the desert before speeding off to town to meet up with several other cars, including a LaFerrari, a vintage Shelby Mustang and some kind of rally RUF Porsche Cayman that I can't place. Any idea what that thing is? All I know is I need one.

Anyway, IGN says it's an expansive, open-world arcade-style racer with both single player and multiplayer modes. Like Driveclub, it depends on an Internet connection even when you're solo, but so far it sounds intriguing.

Anyone planning on checking this out? It seems like Forza Horizon 2 continues to be the reigning champion among racing games at the moment.

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